St. Stephen’s Parish Church in Cennano

16 Febbraio 2014

Let’s continue our journey to discover the places and the most interesting events of the Valdichiana: today we will talk about Pieve di Santo Stefano …

The Lake Montepulciano

13 Dicembre 2013

Our journey continues, in order to discover the most interesting places of Valdichiana, in the most hidden corners and among the internationally renowned excellence. We …

The village of Castelmuzio

15 Novembre 2013

Let’s continue our journey to discover the most interesting places of this territory, which can become a surprise and a destination for both tourists and …

The Thermal Baths of Chianciano

1 Novembre 2013

In our journey through Valdichiana, today we stop in Chianciano, which owes much of its fame to the thermal waters, still appreciated for their therapeutic …

The Burg of Montefollonico

4 Ottobre 2013

Let’s continue our travel across Valdichiana main places of interest, by paying close attention to castles and burgs. Today is the turn of Montefollonico, a …

The Montepulciano Fortress

7 Luglio 2013

Welcome to the first piece of our new cultural section, “Tourism“, which will discover for you the many treasures hidden within our beautiful territory, the …

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