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The new game “Mercante in Chiana” is out: forty cards with names and illustrations derived from everyday life in Valdichiana and from the rural tradition, a perfect choice for board games and fun with the whole family.

How to play

In the game “Mercante in Chiana” there is no limit to players and fun: the more we are, the better! There are two equal forty-card decks, with different colors: the auctioneer chooses one and distributes some cards among the participants, the rest of the same deck are auctioned. Players discover the cards held while the auctioneer divides the sums collected to establish the prizes. At this point you take the other deck and choose the winning cards, which are placed covered under the prizes. The auctioneer begins to discover the cards of the second deck one by one, and whoever possesses the same card must eliminate it. In the end the winning cards are awarded prizes!


Auction in the dark: the auctioneer can sell some covered cards
Exchanges and bets: during breaks, players can exchange cards in their possession or bet on which one will be released first
Laughter: one of the covered cards is left with no prize and revealed last, so that there are no guaranteed winnings among the finalists

Let’s play together!

The game is more funny if we play together! If you want to play with someone else, you can join our Facebook group “A Veglia” where you will find many other players in Valdichiana.


The Gold Edition of  “Mercante in Chiana” is the result of a collaborative effort that has involved many people throughout the year: together with the members of the Facebook group we have chosen the names of the new cards, which are added to the other two editions already published in the past. The summer game then allowed some participants to indicate to the designer which illustration to use for the final version of four cards of the deck: we have to thanks the creators Luca Marcocci (The Water Turbola), Alberta Fei (I Chiocchi), Lorella Fanotti (Di Squincio) and Lucia Becatti (La Lolla).

The “Mercante in Chiana” will be on sale from December 2018 in the best newsstands of the Valdichiana, as well as being available in our online store.

If you want to ask more information or book your copy already, contact us!

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